• You can opt for a vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission & have a hand operated brake & Accelerator fitted.
  • You can also opt for a manual transmission vehicle (petrol) and then fit a hand operated Brake, Clutch & Accelerator.

The controls fitted are dual in nature, and do not affect the standard fittings of the car either system can be fitted without interfering with the other.

No, You can opt for a normal petrol vehicle with manual transmission and fit a hand operated clutch (Vacuum Assisted)

You can opt for any car and fit a hand operated Brake and Accelerator

It's very easy, it does not require formal training, basically it requires concentration and control of the hand movements as the hand controls do not require any force. The rest is only practise. 95% of the new users have learnt in the first hour of sitting in the drivers seat. What you need to learn are all the rules of the road and safety measures to be taken before sitting at the wheel.

How do you start?

  • Select a vehicle that is comfortable to you, look at your comfort for a change because you are the one that is going to be behind the wheel. Do not select a vehicle because it looks good, but for your actual requirement .The comfort of getting in and out of the vehicle, sitting position with respect to the distance of the steering wheel, Gear shift , height for head room, space for carrying your wheel chair if required. In general when you sit in the drivers seat the controls should be comfortable.

  • Find out and decide what kind of modifications you require and would be best for you. Work out the additional cost.

  • Decide whether the car selected by you fits your budget, do you really need to buy an automatic or a manual transmission car would suit your purpose at a much lower cost.

  • If you get a chance meet or speak to someone with a modified vehicle and understand what kind of modifications you are going in for before you decide.

Documentation and Exempts

  • To apply for a drivers license one has to obtain a " Fitness Certificate" from a competent authority, ( In Mumbai It is at Haji Ali). After conducting physical tests they will issue a Fitness certificate which will indicate what type of controls are required for your vehicle e.g. Auto transmission with hand controls OR Controls of left limb or right limb to be transferred to hand controls

  • A document called the BT form is to be filled and submitted to the RTO for permission to legally fit the hand controls in your vehicle.

  • With all documentation in order, as a Physically Challenged you are exempt from RTO taxes, and have to pay only 50% of the Insurance Premium, so make sure you avail of it.

  • The above information given is to the best of our knowledge, should there be and discrepancies in the information mentioned above, please be free to inform us of the same.

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