Dr. Ferdinand Rodricks

Our 30 years experience with modification of hundreds of vehicles, and devices a year for people with various disabilities enables us to guarantee high quality in all our work, from installing hand controls, wheelchair accessible vehicles, rotary seats, patient hoists, swimming pool hoists, toilet accessories, auxiliary accelerators, customizing wheelchairs, seats for cerebral palsy children etc.

Paralysis, Limb impairment, shortness of stature, Ferdinand have engineered effective and workable solutions for hundreds of people all over India. There hasn't been a vehicle Ferdinand have not been able to customize or modify to suit a person's needs. Every adaptation is a challenge and Ferdinand take on challenges that others won't.

Ferdinand have been getting people on the road and improving their way of life, whether it is as drivers or passengers or just giving them mobility in their homes or places of work.

Some of his works

  • Headed the Mahindra Authorized Service centre " The Milestone" from start up in 1999 for 16 years as a CEO. Achieving the best in customer care in Maharashtra.

  • Conducting training program for staff & HOD's teaching them on Values of life, attitude and being human.

  • Customized vehicle for the renowned British Scientist Prof. Stephan Hawking to travel with his wheelchair during his visit to India - 2000

  • Designed & manufactured Telescopic Portable ramps, that are easily portable and can be carried in a bag to encounter small flight of steps, or hotel / building entrances. easy to use and light to carry- First of its kind In India

  • Designed and developed / manufacture Swimming Pool Hoist being used by PRC ( Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Pune) for hydrotherapy - first of its kind In India. 2004

  • Designed a Motorized lift for an Ambulance being used by AIIPMR ( All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation ) - First of its kind In India

  • Designed and built a GO -KART totally hand operated suitable for a disabled person with both limb disabilities to drive. - First of its kind in India

  • Designed, developed & manufactured an electric Wheelchair Hoist which can be fitted on any car that can load and unload a folded wheelchair onto the carrier / roof of the vehicle making a wheelchair user driving a vehicle totally independent. - First of its kind In India

  • Designed and developed / manufacture Hand Controls for all cars automatic or Manual transmission )that can be fitted on any vehicle enabling a person with one or both limb disability to drive the car with the help of his hands only - 14 different automobile companies , 60 models and customized over 1000 vehicles all over India.

  • Designed and developed / manufacture Vertical Lift - built for the RBI currency museum making the museum accessible for wheelchair / disabled -First of its kind in India.


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